Katarina wheat C2

Sort: Katarina
Vegetation period: days
Absolute mass: gr.
Germination ability: %
Seed rate: kg./acre
Seed optimal period:

High yeld
Dry resistant
Disease resistant



  • Bread-making group A
  • Early powerless variety of wheat, with a short vegetation period, maximally utilizing winter moisture and overcoming high temperatures in June stress-free
  • High productive potential, potential for tillering, and excellent bread-making qualities
  • Very good winter and drought resistance

Recommendations for cultivation:

  • Recommended for all regions where the culture is grown
  • Adherence to the optimal sowing time is recommended (1 - 15 October)
  • Recommended seeding density: min 330 - 340 grains/m2, which ensures an optimal average of 700 spikes/ m2
  • Due to the low stem height, a growth regulator is not required

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